How It started

My music career started when my wife, Flo, bought me a harmonica for Christmas in the mid-90’s.  I played around the house for a while, then we got busy building our house and I somehow misplaced the harmonica.  In 2005 we were on vacation and listening to live music when the band brought up a woman from the audience to play harmonica with them.  We thought that was very cool.  My wife then got the idea to buy me another harmonica for my 41st birthday (little did she know the monster that she was creating).  I found a lot of information on the internet and started learning how to jam to the blues.  In 2006 I made my jamming debut with John Tumbri at Mastropietro Winery.  I would play along with various bands over the next year.  In July 2007 I played my first paying gig with Bill Henceroth at Ferrante Winery.  Bill and I would go on to form the duo NotYet.  We played together for the next 5 years until I embarked on my solo career.  In 2009 my wife bought me my first guitar (again stoking the monster).  In 2011 and 2012 I would also play in another duo called Wheeze & Squeeze with my good friend Al Romain.  I started playing guitar at open mics and in June 2011 I played my first solo gig at Candlelight Winery. 

Today you can find me playing 2-3 times a week around the area at wineries, breweries and restaurants.

My First Harmonica


My first time jamming on stage.


Wheeze & Squeeze
My first guitar that I don’t remember. I think it was all about Roy Rogers.


One of my first solo gigs.